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Both series start May 20, 2013

Series 1 - Creating a Baseline and a Plan for Sustainable Initiatives

Sustain Smart Series® 1 will give participants sustainability training on the crucial initial strategic planning steps needed for a successful sustainable project in the built environment. Our seven industry experts will be your guide as you learn how to define your energy baseline, build an effective green team and create a compelling, clear strategic plan for going green that will ensure your sustainable initiatives receives support from the C-suite and the organization as a whole. Whether your organization plans to become LEED for existing buildings certified or not, Sustain Smart Series® will supply LEED education and tools that can help guide your sustainable strategic planning.

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The new frontier for the built environment

  • Discuss the particular value sustainability brings to the built environment
  • Discuss the mindset shift needed to develop and implement successful initiatives
  • Determine how to develop a baseline, and future reasonable KPIs and goals for your programs

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Sustainable Toolbox

  • Learn about the tools for creating your energy baseline, energy audits, benchmarking and modeling
  • Understanding energy risks, fuel choice and alternate energy production
  • Comprehend tools for renewable energy
  • Be able to identify a net zero energy building

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Ready, Set, Go:
Define Your Baseline

  • Understand the importance of energy benchmarking at the start of any sustainable project
  • Learn the keys to successfully understanding your energy baseline
  • Comprehend the standard way to calculate your energy baseline

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Empowering Your Sustainable Team

  • Learn how to engage your green staff in sustainable projects
  • Understand the importance of gaining input from the building occupants
  • Be able to communicate effectively with major stakeholders

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Strategic Planning for the
Green Economy

  • Understand how to identify potential sustainable projects
  • Learn how to seek input from major stakeholder about potential projects
  • Understand how to include sustainable projects into your facilities master plan
  • Comprehend the documentation needed to seek approval for these projects

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The Dollars and Sense of Sustainability

  • Be able to use financial performance metrics to create a business case for your sustainable project
  • Learn how to communicative effectively with the C-Suite about sustainable projects
  • Understand the need for conservative assumptions
  • Learn how to focus on the long term results and create a case to get your organization to take action

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Real World Example:
Ronald McDonald Case Study Project

  • Understand a real-world audit situation
  • Comprehend how to communicate the audit and its finding to major stakeholders
  • Learn about the tools the Ronald McDonald House of Southeastern Wisconsin is using to move forward with their sustainable strategy
  • Understand pros and cons of becoming LEED for existing buildings certified

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Series 2 - Best Practices for Sustainable Implementation

Once you have tackled some of the initial hurdles for any major capital expenditure, now comes the tough challenge of implementing the best sustainable initiatives that will gather the largest return on investment. Sustain Smart Series® 2 provides focused sustainability and energy management training in eight key strategic areas of sustainability and LEED for existing buildings - including energy management, water consumption, green supply chain, indoor air quality, sustainable operations and more. Learn - from eight sustainability experts - key strategies, procedures and best practices to create major environmental and financial benefits in your facilities.

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Project Management for Sustainable Initiatives

  • Understand to best way to venture into sustainable projects
  • Learn about the major sustainable areas including water, energy, waste and indoor air quality
  • Comprehend how to keep sustainable project implementation on track and on budget
  • Be able to communicate these implementation strategies to your internal team and external stakeholders

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Energy Management:
The Road to High Efficiency Operations

  • Initial program development strategy
  • Tools used towards reaching high performing buildings
  • Ongoing decision making challenges and tips
  • Making the financial case with senior leaders
  • Differentiating your company sustainability program

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Water Conservation:
The Future of Sustainable Operations

  • Review plumbing codes, including pending "green code supplements"
  • Understand the role of water conservation in various rating systems, from LEED to the Green Build Initiative to Green Hotels to the Green Guide for Health Care
  • Get a preview of updates to LEED 2012
  • Learn how to benchmark water use in commercial, institutional, health care, government and educational facilities
  • Learn how to conduct an effective water audit

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The Sustainable Supply Chain

  • Learn where the majority of the materials used in your building originate from
  • Learn how many large organizations are now mandating their supply to become sustainable
  • Understand the steps you can take to ensure your materials are sustainable
  • Understand how you can train the entire organization to green the supply chain

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Sustainable Operations:
How to Green Day to Day

  • Learn how large government agencies can partner to meet mutual goals
  • Understand the relevance to organizations of all sizes and finding ways to approach multidimensional subject of sustainability
  • Review effective results through focusing on certain dimensions at a time and grow from there.
  • See examples of educational programs that drive behavioral change on multiple levels (building operators, building occupants, broader community) such as Green Cup Challenge, Solar 1 program, Disney's Planet challenge, and the Building Operator Certificate training program

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IEQ: Clearing The Air

  • Learn about the new ASHRAE Ventilation Standards and High Performance Green Building Codes that are changing the building industry relative to the indoor environment
  • Distinguish between "green" and "green-washing" relative to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and off gassing of materials, paints, sealants and coatings
  • Be able to present the true costs of energy, operations and maintenance, and people
  • Learn to look at your building(s) and their ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as materials used in the interior with "new" eyes

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A New Day, A New Baseline

  • Understand the steps needed after a sustainable project implementation is completed
  • Learn how to form a new baseline through benchmarking
  • Be able to identify tools that will help monitor sustainable initiatives

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Diversey Headquarters Case Study

  • Understand the genesis of the Diversey Headquarters sustainability initiative
  • Learn how to tie together key sustainable principles in a comprehensive green building project plan
  • Determine how ongoing verification ensures sustained benefits for an organization, its employees and community

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